Main organizational principles


The organization of the research structure and its environment crucially influence the creation of fundamental new knowledge. It is therefore of utmost importance that the PARCC recruit high quality teams involved in cardiovascular research, working in synergy with clinical laboratories and departments to bolster the translation to clinical applications. The PARCC 2019-24 (4,200 m2) houses 13 research Teams.




Such a research structure brings together a critical standing experience of initiating and conducting clinical mass of basic and clinical scientists necessary to make studies in direct coordination with clinicians. major breakthroughs in cardiovascular biology and medicine.

Gathering cardiovascular scientists with complementary expertise (cell and molecular biology, physiology/pathophysiology, pharmacology, genetics, epidemiology) creates an environment with a degree of scientific integration that are optimal for scientific breakthroughs to occur, through intense and frequent interactions between scientists. Under these principles, the PARCC is hosting excellent research teams with a broad spectrum of expertise in cardiovascular research, and implementing cutting- edge technology to facilitate basic and disease-oriented research.

The PARCC is inserted within the International and European space of research through links of its research teams with EU funded European Networks and Transatlantic Leducq Foundation Networks. In addition, it acts to develop formal links with international academic institutions.

Clinical research is conducted in coordination with the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC
1418) at HEGP (director : Pr. Michel Azizi). Basic and clinician researchers of the PARCC are encouraged to initiate clinical trials in coordination with and with the help of the clinical research laboratories and the clinical care departments of the Governing Rules


Governing Rules

Success in a research center environment requires new patterns of interaction among biomedical scientists, and depends on the combination of the skills and talents of many investigators applied to the solution of a common problem.

Therefore, a research structure and its governance must be fully dedicated to improving, facilitating and fostering the implementation of collaborations to the benefits of individual creativity and brightness.

The structure of the PARCC is stringently modeled to be able :

1. to orchestrate a diverse group of scientists in the present and at the same time to orient a scientific staff toward future directions, and
2. to respond quickly to exciting new research opportunities, by providing financial and administrative assistance.

Governing Structure

All decisions concerning budget, investments, and the development of the Center have to be approved by the Assembly of the team leaders. To coordinate the activities and administration of the PARCC a
General Secretary is employed.

In order to operate and coordinate the activities of the PARCC, the Director and the Assembly of the team leaders are supported by a Scientific Advisory Board and an Operational Management Group (OMG). The Scientific Advisory Board provides advice and monitoring. The Operational Management Group is responsible for the implementation of Board decisions and the day-to-day management of the Center.