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The proteome of neutrophils in sickle cell disease reveals an unexpected activation of interferon alpha signaling pathway.

By Hermand P, Azouzi S, Gautier EF, Guillonneau F, Bondet V, Duffy D, Dechavanne S, Tharaux PL, Mayeux P, Le Van Kim C, Koehl B.

in Haematologica., 2020-05-01; Vol. Mar 5. pii: haematol.2019.238295. ( pmid : PMID: 32139433)

Parietal epithelial cells role in repair versus scarring after glomerular injury.

By Lazareth H, Lenoir O, Tharaux PL.

in Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens, 2020-05; Vol. (3):293-301. ( pmid : PMID: 32235272)

Histamine provides an original vista on cardiorenal syndrome.

By Tharaux PL

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2020-03-02; Vol. ( pmid : 32123107)

Sphingosine 1-phosphate-regulated transcriptomes in heterogenous arterial and lymphatic endothelium of the aorta.

By Engelbrecht E, Levesque MV, He L, Vanlandewijck M, Nitzsche A, Niazi H, Kuo A, Singh SA, Aikawa M, Holton K, Proia RL, Kono M, Pu WT, Camerer E, Betsholtz C, Hla T

in eLife, 2020-02-24; Vol. 9 ( pmid : 32091396)

Protease-activated receptor-2 accelerates intestinal tumor formation through activation of nuclear factor-κB signaling and tumor angiogenesis in Apc mice.

By Kawaguchi M, Yamamoto K, Kataoka H, Izumi A, Yamashita F, Kiwaki T, Nishida T, Camerer E, Fukushima T

in Cancer science, 2020-01-30; Vol. ( pmid : 31997435)