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The small animal imaging facility of the PARCC is a part of the Paris Descartes imaging facility : Plateforme Imageries du Vivant.

PIV is a network created in 2005. Its objective is to give access to small animal imaging techniques to research teams affiliated either to Paris Descartes University, or to other groups from academic institutions or private industry.


This facility gathers imaging teams on several sites of the Paris Descartes University. The localization of the imaging systems corresponds to specific local skills for each modality:

  • Paris-Cardiovascular research Center (PARCC, Inserm UMR970, Georges Pompidou European Hospital) houses the small animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and optical imaging
  • Institut Cochin houses the high resolution ultrasound facility for small animals.
  • Cordeliers Research Center houses a conventional ultrasound
  • Saints Pères Center houses the electronic paramagnetic resonance imaging (RPEi) facility and two research teams expert in image and signal processing
  • The Pharmacy Faculty houses the luminescence and fluorescence imaging
  • The Dental Faculty houses the micro CT imaging
  • Sainte-Anne Hospital houses the clinical MRI facility


The Paris Descartes “Plateforme Imageries du Vivant”  is a GIS IBISA platform, member of the FLI network. It operates in close cooperation with three Boards. The Board of Directors gives the strategic orientations of the platform. The Executive Board, composed of the scientists in charge of each imaging site and user representatives, ensures the application of the orientations given by the Board of Directors. The Scientific Council provides advices and evaluations of the scientific activities of the platform.

Official site of PIV: