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Studying the structure, integrity, and spatial organization of tissues and cells is one of the keys to understanding the life sciences. In this sense, histology plays a crucial role in biomedical research, because it studies the morphological and biochemical changes that occur in cells during pathological processes.

The aim of histology is to observe and to analyze what is seen under a microscope. In any  histological study we proceed in 4 steps:

1) the choise of sample to be studied

2) the techniques to visualize structures and phenomena of interest

3) the production of high quality images

4) the description and interpretation of these images

In order to carry out your histology, imaging and image analysis projects, the platform provides the material, technical and human resources necessary to carry out these projects. Our platform is opened to PARCC teams but also to external, institutional or private teams.

The PARCC histology platform is part of the Histology, Immunostaining and Tissue Imaging (PH2I) platform at Paris Cité University, which also includes the HistIM platform at Cochin Institute ( Our multisite platform offers future users a complete expertise and a wide range of technologies.

The PARCC histology platform ensures :

  • The technical implementation of routine histology (impregnation-inclusion-section-staining-immunohistochemistry-acquisition of virtual slides)
  • The development and fine-tuning of immunolabelling protocols on the LEICA brightfield or fluorescence automaton.
  • Theoretical and practical trainings of the various workstations available to the reservation and in histology techniques.
  • Advice and follow-up for users.
  • Participation in the interpretation/analysis of slides



The platform has the will to train users so that they can conduct their own studies independently, while benefiting from the experience and technology of this platform. The trained person can then access the different workstations of the platform.


The platform can also bring you help in developing your protocols in immunohistochemistry or in improving your different stainings.

benefit service

The platform can handle your samples at all stages of the histological process according to your request. From paraffin impregnation of tissues through microtome sectioning, staining and immunostaining (brightfield or fluorescence, single or multiple staining) to slide acquisition for quantification and analysis.