Philippe COUDOL (Inserm), Chief of Staff (Secrétaire Général)

The managing director directs the administrative and technical platform composed of 25 persons. He is in charge of the development and the implementation of the policy of the Center, the management of the operational application and the exercise of a function of council, the animation of the common administrative and technical teams.
Moreover, he plays an administrative interface role with external individuals, institutional partners (AP-HP, Inserm, Paris Descartes University, Fondation Carpentier) and private partners. The implementation of a daily strategy has to allow to ensure the necessary support for the teams and to guarantee a successful dynamics of support of the research.

Julien PUTHOD (Inserm), Coordinator Of Risk Prevention

The prevention officer:
• advises the director, team leaders and center administration in the implementation of health and safety regulations,
• collaborates with the prevention officer and prevention doctor of employers (university, Inserm…) to put in place the prevention policies of these institutions
• animates within the research building a local network of prevention actors (prevention assistants, competent persons in radiation protection, etc.).
The job of the prevention officer is to prevent occupational risks, accidents and diseases. This work includes the monitoring of regulatory approvals, the regulatory control of premises and equipment, and the training of staff.

Centralized Scientific Management

Finances/human Resources Pole

• Muriel DELACROIX (Inserm)

On the one hand, the responsible prepares, organizes and controls the budget of the Research centre.
She establishes demands and budgetary distributions in dialogue with the Direction. She is responsible for the management of all the resources of the PARCC: Inserm and Paris Descartes University allocations, and external funds. She also ensures the management of all the contracts of research, in connection with the Inserm Regional Delegation and Paris Descartes University. On the other hand, she is in charge of the Human Resources.

She manages all the titular and nontitular personnel, belonging to the EPST (like Inserm and CNRS), to the Paris Descartes University or to AP-HP. She proceeds to recruitment of personnel, and ensures the management of doctoral and postdoctoral grants. She also ensures a transfer in expertise in management.

Administrative secretaries

• Annette DE RUEDA (Inserm)

• Véronique OBERWEIS (Inserm)

• Karima ICHEGOUR (Inserm)

• Nadège d’ARAUJO (Inserm)


Their activities consist in ensuring the following of management operations (validation of order, research contract, put in competition,…). They also manage missions for personnel and work in connection with Inserm and Paris Descartes University departments.

Exploitation of the building

• Laurie Louis-Joseph (Inserm)

Her activity consists in ensuring the administrative management of the exploitation of the building Lépine (PARCC and the Fondation Carpentier). She manages the operation common costs dealt by the Inserm Regional delegation. Moreover, she ensures organization and managements of common purchases for the exploitation of the research building.

It manager


Responsible for the administration and the exploitation of data processing networks and hardware, he launches systems and new products. He manages access control and telephony.

Central store biological sample facility and washing room facility

Stéphanie LAMOUREUX (Inserm)

Person is responsible for the management and the coordination of the central store and of the biological facility and is in charge of the management of the central washing and sterilization facilities.


Persons Qualified In Radioactivity (Pcr)

• Dominique CHARUE (Inserm) : PCR for non-sealed radioactive sources

• Ludivine LAURANS (Inserm) : PCR for sealed radioactive sources

Implementing the principles of radioprotection, PCRs apply the provisions envisaged by the regulation in the field of the radio operator isotopes (non-sealed sources) and of ionizing rays (X-ray).
They contributed to the edition of the authorization report that permits the handling and use of non-sealed radioactive sources and ionizing rays with the Nuclear Security Agency (ASN) in dialogue with the coordinator of risk prevention.

Coordination Of Bsl2 Laboratories

• Cécile DEVUE (Inserm)

• Ludovic COUTY

Within 8 Biosafety Level 2 laboratories, they assure the training of new scientists and the implementation of good practices.
They work in dialogue with the coordinator of risk prevention.